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Introduction to Branding

Basics such as designing and printing logo, brochure and business card amongst other things such as letter heads, envelopers and stationary. This is the first step and we do offer this solution. We also offer Trademark & Copyright Solutions via our strategic partners.

Business Compliance

Every business needs to follow the rules of the land, and so we with our strategic partners help with assistance of finding the right CA, CS and legal experts to take care of things for you. From company registration to getting your company listed on the stock market, we have you covered.

Website Development

From the most basic website to an advanced and complex designed ecommerce platform we do it all. We ensure that your website is made to generate leads and help you maximize chance to conversion. 

Web Hosting

Most webhosts today resell someone elses hosting and don’t even get you a proper control panel access. They leave you with FTP details and login that make it difficult to run your website. At SKRP Ltd., we promise never to be resellers and ensure that we own our servers and with the expertise of our technical team, are able to host you on the best servers across the world. In fact we offer our clients servers with the latest Xeon hardware, or the i9 Intel processor or ample bandwidth or massive server storage as large as 40 TB in size per server which ensures you will never run out of space again! All hosting accounts come with famous cPanel built in or for email servers – come with the latest version of SmarterMail.


We have some of the most talented people on earth when it comes to SEO and we have had again, one of the best track records in getting our clients to the top of the rankings through amazing rich, unique and simplified grammar. All our SEO experts have studied in english medium from KG onwards to ensure the best content writing experience possible. Over a period of one year, we have been able to bring our clients up in most, if not all, search engine rankings in the top two pages for the search query. You can imagine the hard work we put in. We do this purely organic with not even one rupee spent on Google Adwords.

Mobile Applications

We build our applications on both Android and iOS depending on the client preference. We build low cost static applications as well as applications that are more complex or require push notifications and members area. Our team is equipped to handle almost any situation. We also hae strategic partners in case the application is too complex and requires multiple tasks.

Bulk SMS

We do our best to offer all types of digital services so that our clients get maximum reach through their relationship with us or our strategic partners. This is one more such service, that we route via our partners and that’s BULK SMS. We offer the best industry rates of Rs 0.125, an industry first in terms of pricing per sms. By ofering a rate such as 0.125, we are offering you what remains between 12 paisa and 13 paisa and round it out if needed. Our SMS gateway overs the easiest API till date. With a fixed price no matter how many sms you buy (1,00,000 minimum) you are offered the best from day 1.

Customized Software Solutions

We have strategic partners involved for these solutions and work with them to offer you affordable software and ERP solutions. These partners exist from our BNI network, who we trust to help us deliver best in class systems and solutions via excellent coded software.

Digital Branding / Social Media

Whether you want to be posting creatives and managing your pages on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN or other, we have got you covered. Our award winning strategic partners with their multiple automation software and graphic designers are able to put older and experienced professionals to shame. We have one of the best social media teams through our in house strength and directors who are well experienced to give us a unique advantage across the country and have been successful in retaining over 95% customers year after year after year. We manage pages and handle the entire support services for the pages and the posts, including replying to comments and maintaining and developing relationships with the potential customers.

Heard of Club DS?

Become a Member and Get A Free Service, up to 50% Discounts & Free Trials of most of our services!

We have an incredible membership deal starting as just Rs. 30,000 per year where you get a website, and also get discounts on all our services and free trials for a few days to ensure that you will love expanding the relationship with us. Membership also includes access to paid themes and plugins for your website too! Now your Rs. 30,000 website will be super charged as much as a Rs. 1,00,000 website!