SKRP Limited is pleased to offer in its diversified range of products its entry into LED Lighting. Under the brand name of Rhea LED Lights, we offer warranty on our LED lights up to 5 years ensuring the best reliability, durability and usability in the industry. We are priced competitively and offer a range of LED light options under the Rhea lighting brand. SKRP Limited offers a range of assortments into residential and commercial LED lightings with unmatched quality and performance that allows us to compete and perhaps even beat competition hands down.

Rhea LED Lights are the best high performance LED lights available in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and perhaps in India. We offer high performance and low power usage LED lights offering up to 5 years of warranty for both residential and commercial settings. We offer option ranging from your super sleek LED panels most commonly seen in the modern homes of today, to your down lighter LEDs which are seen across show rooms and reception desks in the leading companies of the world today to smart lights and LED solutions that work at a simple touch or through your mobile and smart devices.

Rhea LED is a game changer. To be the best, you have to perform the best. Rhea LED lights have been rated industry grade A+ and obviously the first and last choice for your homes and offices or industries. Rhea LED lights are manufactured in Gujarat, India under the best manufacturing standards ensuring that only the best quality LEDs are built to work - time tested in every weather condition.

Slim Panel

Slim Panel LED Lights come in various sizes & dimensions. They are radiant and tend to bright up the room despite of its small design & structure. It is minimal and sleek in design and can be arranged in rounded or squared shape. 

Slim panels are available in 6W, 12W, 15W, & 22W (In watts)

Dimensions (Outer-Cutout)




Rimless Panel

Rimless Panels are sans any borders or outer rims. A variety of rim panels with different voltage and power sustainability are available. Rimless panels are dye casted or made up of aluminium and can give out 100 lumens per watt. 

Rimless panels are available in 6W, 12W, 15W, 22W, 24W, & 30W (In watts)

Dimensions (Outer-Cutout) (In mm)





PC Panel

PC Panel or polycarbonate panels exudes 110 lumens per watt, making it more desirable than other LED panels with a 2–year warranty.

PC panels are available in 8W, 15W, 18W, & 22W (In watts)

Dimensions (Outer-Cutout)(In mm)




Surface Panel

Surface Panel LED Lights comes with a bordered structure with a rounded or square design. They illuminate the area covering widespread distance. 

Surface panels are available in 6W, 12W, 15W, & 22W (In watts)

Dimensions (Outer) 110, 160, 225  (In mm)

Frameless Panel

Frameless Panels are alternative to surface panels in overall characteristics, yet the distinctive feature being its void of framing on the sides. 

There is also a 2–year warranty on the product. 

Frameless panels are available in 16W, & 24W (In watts)

Dimensions (Outer-Cutout) 120, 170 (In mm)

COB Downlight

COB Downlight is innovatively designed to suit contemporary style of architecture. It can be installed inside of the ceiling maintaining the interior decorum. 

COB Downlight LED Lights are available in 4W, 7W, 12W, 18W, 24W, 30W & 36W (In watts)

Length: 50, 70, 90, 100, 130 (In mm)

Dimensions (Outer-Cutout) (In mm)





COB Deep Down

COB Deep Down is energy efficient as it exudes 110 lumens per watt, available in round shape with a 2–year warranty. For housing sector, it is made up of aluminium and comes in monochrome theme i.e black and white. 

COB Deep Down LED Lights are available in 12W & 15W (In watts)

Length: 70 (In mm)

Dimensions (Outer-Cutout) 85–68 (In mm)

COB Cylinder Surface

COB Cylinder Surface LED Lights is designed stunningly in a cylindrical layout depicting a focused light illumination. The outer domed area of the surface comes in gold, copper & silver colour for a desirable front. 

COB Cylinder Surface LED Lights are available in 8W &15W (In watts)

Length: 100, 125 (In mm)

Diameter: 50, 75 (In mm)

Track Lights

Track Lights are energy efficient and popularly used for exterior lightning for front lawns, garages, backyard etc.

It has a 2–year warranty from the date of purchase. Track lights consists of an electrified track that can be mounted to a ceiling or wall with individual fixtures at several distances.

Track Lights are available in 12W, 15W, 18W & 24W (In watts)

Length: 145, 170 (In mm)

Diameter: 60, 75 (In mm)

Tube Lights

Tube lights are extremely essential and major source of light in households. It deviates 100 lumens per watt and has a 2–year warranty. Tube lights are energy efficient and gives highly consistent & illuminating performance. We offer various styles in our range of tube lights such as, premium, mushroom & aluminium. 

Tube Lights are available in 24W & 40W (In watts)

Dimensions: 4 (In feet)

Flood Lights

Flood lights are broad-beamed light to cover larger areas. It is highly appropriate for weddings & party occasions. Other than that, large fields, playgrounds and areas with high criminal propensity are often illuminated by flood lights.  

Flood Lights are available in 50W, 100W, 150W, & 200W (In watts)

Street Lights

Street lights are single-handedly the most important type of lightning as it is used locally in the street to offer light to high-traffic areas as well as secluded areas for better visibility. 

Street Lights are available in 18W, 24W, 30W, 36W, 50W, 72W & 100W (In watts)

High Bay Lights

High bay lights are used above 20 to 40 feet from the ground level. High bay lights are prominently installed in spaces where high luminosity is required. In contrast to these, low bay lights are effectual under height of 20 feet in total. Improper use of these can either result in low visibility or rather too much brightness.  

High bay lights are available in 100W (In watts)

Did You Know ?

Fun Fact: Rhea or Rheia is a goddess in Greek mythology, the Titaness, daughter of the earth goddess Gaia and the sky god Uranus, Gaia's son. She is the older sister of Kronus, who was also her consort. She was also a goddess of comfort and ease, a blessing reflected in the common Homeric phrase "the gods who live at their ease".

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