Cultural Handbook

Welcome to SKRP Limited. If you are reading this it means you are either applying for a job, joined the company or are looking out to see what we are all about. Either way, welcome to the family or the extended family.

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Welcome Aboard!

When you enter into our office you will realise, it's not just some dull corporate hustle-bustle with all work and no play, 

but the laid-back attitude of companies like Google! 

Without the sleeping pods, unfortunately. 

We get work done efficiently and effortlessly. We believe in sharing the space with others in entirety and create a sense of belonging to look beyond our business and embrace others toward collective thinking & collaboration amongst peers. 

At SKRP, we treat employees as work partners with sense of brotherhood. It isn't just about delegating and assigning work like a give-and-take situation, but working together forward with an ambition to soar the core interests of the company and yourselves. 

Futuristic Onboarding
Always Accessible
Online Recruitment
Futuristic Onboarding
Always Accessible

The Medical Cure program participates in student fairs in select locations. You can always Book an appointment for upcoming events. You can sign up for free alerts and reminders about registration, test preparation and more at the Cure. Feel free to bring a friend or family member to potentially stressful visits.

Online Recruitment

We don’t use the word employees. We use the word family. Our team members are family. Family comes first. The company comes second. We create a culture of togetherness and extend it forward The moment you meet the team, you realise you have joined a family.

“The transformation of a company starts with its culture and its family. What if we created a workspace where you could bring your kids!”

SKRP Limited is a tech business with multiple services offered including its own social networking portal, job portal, matrimony, real estate, email service portal and more. We offer over 12 unique web portal services under a single roof known as

We also offer digital marketing solutions including but not limited to website development, SEO, social media marketing, content development, mobile applications, software development, graphic design & more.

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The difference between work and play is only a matter of attitude. A job done well, is play. 

Have you heard anything like this before? Work including world-class facilities like unlimited coffee, medical care & insurance, board games, interactive activities with 24×7 access to housekeeping and security. Also, for an insightful recreational session, we have a a XBOX console, a library and a movie collection to borrow from! 


When you play you have to work. With all the amazing facilities we have to offer we also expect results. We are target driven and have clear expectations and milestones set to perform and retain positions at SKRP Limited.

Creative Workspace

To feel rightly placed, we need to integrate ourselves fully in an enhanced workspace for maximum efficiency. A business model should serve and match the infrastructure and environment. The only way to express ourselves is to show that we are part of the ecosystem that makes us what we are and who we are. Therefore, we need to launch bourgeoning services by taking into account the zeal and commitment of the personnel.

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Ethically Conscious

Technological Innovation

Diversity & Inclusion

Data Interoperability

Love Working at SKRP

"No matter how tough the work can be, SKRP Limited ensures that I am always rewarded mentally and emotionally. The entire team works together as a single piece of block. The team work, the energy and the learning is incredible!"

Team Member