Working at SKRP Limited

We believe in focusing on the overall career growth of all our work partners by incorporating challenging tasks and assignments in correlation to advancement in the field of digital marketing, content management & graphic design. Along with that we intend to impact on your interpersonal skills by playful leisure activities and work trips. We are invested in elevating work ethics as well as personal safety of each and every team member with various benefits extending to the whole family with the help of term insurances.

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Working Days

Monday to Saturday

Leave Criteria

During Probation deducted from Salary. After completion of six months or from becoming a full time employee, leave benefits are applicable.

Working Hours

9 Hours incorporating Lunch.


No data or content can go out of the work place. The information collected or shared within the organisation is not allowed to leave at any time under our private policy.

Dress Code

Unlike many other corporates or companies we do not have a dress code. Our team members wear whatever they feel most comfortable in.


On-Time Every time


The best workplace you can find. 


Sales & Retention Incentives
Company Stock Options


Monthly Employee & Team Awards


We create ample opportunities for our team to excel and able to test their abilities in either games, sports and other mind-wracking games.