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We came with clear defined objectives – to create as many services that are useful to users under a single roof with multiple brands such as Brand You, Khichdi & Infinity. We also in the process decided to create a Charitable Trust to help the poor with medical care at the best hospital in India. 

Many Offerings

Creativity is one of the most important aspects of a business today. By providing users with Unique offerings, we are able to create something absolutely awesome! 

SKRP Enterprise Limited was created with one single objective – to convert great ideas into something practical and usable.

Free Email

We offer both free email & corporate email hosting. Both have their own free version as well.

The Network

This is where it all happens – social, professional annd business networks all come alive here.

Drive Storage

Our cloud storage system is one of the best on the planet, because we are able to offer preview & sharing!

Free Web Hosting

Now you can get free web hosting with FTP & cPanel for free. You get one free email account too. This is a limited offer.

Short Links

We make big things small, and small things even smaller using our state of the art conversion matrix to shortern those long links.

SEO Tools

We have one of the most amazing Free SEO tools on the planet and you can run massive searches with mammoth reports.

Help Desk

Now support and help is a click away with our new and improved help desk with absolutely easy access design with power to manage support tickets in the best way possible. 

Digital Services

We offer web hosting, website development, corporate email, social media marketing, and are a complete branding agency under the trademark, Brand You.

Medical Tourism

We help hospitals,  health care centers and even doctors, find patients from outside the state and country. We handle all the marketing for them.

Business Search

Search for a business using our own portal services. It is possibe that you may find what you are looking for.

Property Portal

List and Search for properties that inteest you. Could be homes or offices. It could be small or big!

Match Making

Our match making portal is exceptionally amazing! Find partners from all over the world and guess what, its totally free!

Shopping Portal

We know there are so many e-commerce portals, but how many of them combine both products & services under one roof !

Job Portal

Need a job? We connect employers with candidates and bring them in a method that ensures the best get selected and the weaker get hired too!

Easy As 1…2…3…

We had the coders build us something special and we continue to run software and hardware updates to all our systems and processes to ensure that your usage of our services are as easy as 1-2-3!

Proud to be Indian

All our services are managed by a team of Indians professionally. Though we may be hosting our servers off shore, or the development team may have been from outside, we assure you the execution and management team here is truly Indian.

Premium Content

All our services include a free version and a paid version as well. By offering free versions you are able to test our services before ordering or upgrading to a paid version. Contact us whenever you feel you need more information, a trial extension or paid upgrade!

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