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Digital Services

Digital Services over at SKRP Ltd. is more than just convincing a customer that they should have a website, or a digital media marketing presence or run Google Adwords, etc. For us it’s all about understanding your business and then explaining that in a way that ensures you realize why you are doing what you are doing and how to convert the investment into great ROI – Return on Investment. As we say “paisa apo. Rupiya Lo”, the same applies – every single rupee invested has to give higher returns on the long term horizon. We are experts when it comes to digital marketing in particular.


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Our Services

SKRP Ltd. offers lots of options and services to choose from. That is why we consider ourselves to the foremost experts with it comes to digital presence not just through our services but our other portals and features run by the company.

Search Engine Optimization

Animated Videos

Web Hosting

Website Development

Digital Marketing

Email Service

We Know What Works, And What Doesn’t.

We have over 600+ Active clients whether it be our web hosting customers, web development clients, email hosted customers or more. We are time tested and affordable. That is what gives us the advantage over others with one of the highest client retention rate across the nation at a whooping 95% client retention rate.

SKRP Limited ensures that clients get the best possible service and is always aware of their ROI status through our various reports both proactive and up to date. Even without using Google Analytics we are able to offer our hosted clients detailed access usage reports.

Answers to Your Questions

How are you so confident ?

As we said, we have over 600 clients over a range of services that ensure we have what it takes to give you a return on your investment. We offer additional months of free services if you feel that you have not got the results as promised. No one else in teh industry offers that sort of a guarantee.

Are you resellers or outsource?

We only sell what we know how to do and therefore we don’t outsource and are not resellers for any of our services including web hosting and Digital marketing. Everything is purely offered based on our confident expertise. That being said, we do however sometimes partner with other providers in the cases of our ethical obligations to clients coming through platforms such as BNI where we are members. 

How do payment terms work?

We take up projects that make sense to us and you. We do however follow a strict 100% advance payment process and do not offer refund options. We do ensure you get the best quality of services including the industry best support system “WhatsApp” for real time help and group support.

Why do you outsource work from BNI customers?

BNI is a business networking platform which has groups. No one person can have more than one specialized category and therefore there is also a rule that work coming for other specialized areas, may be assisted by another member who has market that as their expertise. The rule of thumb is that any work coming directly from BNI should be handled by that expert. If the prices of the expert are within the same range or lower, we outsource the work to them and only if they refuse the project do we take it up. We call this the right of refusal or acceptance.We respect BNI and it’s processes so ensure to stay within the ethical bound of the system.




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