•  It's Bit Of A Digital Hub!

     It's Bit Of A Digital Hub!

    A to Z Digital Services available at SKRP Limited are more than just a medium to convince a customer that they should have a website, or a digital media marketing presence. For us it’s all about understanding your business and then showcasing your vision in a way that ensures visibility and converts the investment into great ROI – Return on Investment. 

    As we say “Paisa apo to rupiya malwa joiye!”, the same applies – 

    every single rupee invested has to give higher returns on the long term horizon. 

    We are experts when it comes to digital marketing & brand management. 

  •  Think Big. Thrive Big.

    SKRP Limited is a company dabbling into many sectors. Be it IT, Marketing, Health & Technical, we do it all. 
    Here, we reward ideas and innovation before tradition. When implemented & utilised the right way, they can break any barriers.  We are evident in networking businesses & addressing their concerns and reaching  a solution that works tremendously. 

We make your business, our business.  

SKRP Limited is a pivot in digitalisation offering an array of services to choose from, website development, content development, graphics, portals and all other technical support. We establish branding & merchandising tools, dedicating ourselves to create and supplement your vision & brand. 

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We care for your wellness. 

Health is an invaluable entity, the more we take care of it, the more fruitful it turns out to be. SKRP is channeling a natural initiative to enhance one's health with ayurvedic therapy. 

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We light up the room, everywhere we go.

SKRP Limited has unveiled a new product in the name of Rhea LED Lights, providing a spectrum of lightning items suited for both residential & commercial settings. 

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No Outsourcing. Period.

We only sell what we do. 

We market what you do. 

With no intermediary partisans or resellers. 

We do not outsource any of our services.

Everything is exclusive & purely based on our own expertise. 

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Association with BNI. Worldwide.

BNI is a business networking platform which has a world wide presence. Business growth is a USP.  The existing president of BNI Petra is a director of SKRP Limited. Feel free to contact us for membership information.

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The Road to Success.

We offer the finest training and educational programs for beginners and freshers. We offer programs that ensure by the time you complete your training you are either working full time with us or are ready to get great job opportunities.

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Terms For Payment

We take up projects that make sense to us and to you. We do however follow a strict 100% advance payment process and do not offer refund options.

Technical Support

We do ensure you get the best quality of services including the industry best support system “WhatsApp” for real time help and group support as well as a fully functional help desk for around the clock support.

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We have 600+ active clients in almost every sector whether it be for web hosting, web development, email hosting and many more. We are driven, and very keen on timely services with accountability and affordability. We also have one of the highest client retention rate across the nation at a whooping 95% client retention rate.

Accessive Internal Reporting

SKRP Limited makes sure that clients are always overboard with all the tasks, on-going processes, ROI status and analytics through our  proactive  and detailed access usage reports.

Confidence, Not Conceit

We have exactly what it takes to ensure return on investments and customer satisfaction on various range of services. We also offer additional months of free services if you feel dissatisfied, which is something no one in the industry guarantees, but we hope it never comes to that. 

Achievements & Recognition 

Completed Projects


Actively Hosted Sites

Dedicated Servers

Stay Relevant & Reinvent Yourself 

SKRP Limited believes in setting milestones in a manner that learning is never compromised and is boundless & bountiful with promising opportunities. 

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